Eating Organic Is Not Cheap


   We had a theme going this week with a plan to eat healthier. We decided to try out some Organic products from the local supermarket. Now I know why more than ⅓ of Americans are obese. Eating healthy (especially organic) is not cheap! During our shopping trip we got lots of fresh veggies, deli meats, and deli cheeses. Then we went to the organic isle and our budget went out the window. Things like oatmeal and cereals were 8$ a box, items that were gluten free were 5$ and up. I was in over my head. We ended up only buying a few items (enough to make our Healthy Turkey & Cheese Sandwiches) and a few extra things like oatmeal, real maple syrup, mother's milk tea, and some kids juice boxes. Our total for this shopping trip was $105.00. This is what I would spend for a weeks worth of groceries not 1 or 2 days! Now the food was mostly good but I don't think it was all worth the amount spent. My food may not always be healthy but it sure does taste good, so I will stick with our usual brands for now. I don't think we will be going Organic again any time soon.

If you eat Organic foods on a budget please leave a comment
and let me know how you do it!

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