Healthy Turkey & Cheese Sandwich

This week we decided to get a little healthier, So we thought we'd try some Organic & Healthy Meals. This was one of them. Although all of the ingredients I used were Organic, you can always make these sandwiches with any ingredients you have on hand. *Warning* I did learn with this recipe that Organic, gluten free bread is an acquired taste. You may want to substitute for some regular deli style bread. As for my critics ---> Critic B really enjoyed this meal. He said the sandwich was delicious but wasn't very fond of the cheese. Critic A loved the food but about 2 bites in he discarded the bread and ate the rest. He wasn't very fond of the chips though. Critic D liked the whole meal and thought it was the best sandwich ever. As for me, the bread was not that great. With some different bread this sandwich would rock!
All over rating: ****
This was before he took away the bread.
Now check out the recipe and try it for yourself.
Click the button below for the recipe.

Ingredients: {Remember you can use any ingredients you prefer}

1 pkg. of gluten/wheat free Deli Style Bread
2 lbs. of (any style) Deli Sliced Turkey
½ lb. of Ciresa Fontina Fontal Cheese sliced
1 head of Organic Lettuce
4 tbsp. of Organic Dijon Mustard
4 Organic Carrots (for garnish)
1 Bag of Kettle Brand Organic Ripple Chips

*Drink suggestion: For this meal we all enjoyed some Organic Juice to keep with the theme. For Dessert we tried some Organic Chocolate Flavored Yogurt.*

Lay two pieces of bread on the plate. Slap on some Dijon mustard to taste. Next add a few pieces of lettuce. Add some sliced turkey. Add a few slices of cheese. Finish by putting the two slices of bread together. Serve with a Carrot and Chips to make a complete meal.
{Serves 4}



  1. This looks so healthy and delicious! Thanks for sharing. I will have to try it, I'm always looking for healthy alternatives, because I'm horrible at my diet!

    You've got some cutiepie critics there! ;D

    p.s. thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment!<3

  2. The critics may look cute but don't let them fool you =) they can be very picky when it comes to food.


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