Teriyaki Chicken w/ Fried Rice & Homemade Egg Rolls

   This Dinner has always been one of our favorites! Its a lot cheaper than dining out or even ordering from your local Chinese restaurant. Plus its fun to make too! For this meal we always have a theme night. We serve Fortune Cookies for dessert and watch a "Chinese themed" movie like Kung Fu Panda, or Mulan. As for the critics, well, Critic B loves this dinner because one of his favorite "fast foods" is teriyaki chicken. He doesn't like the fried rice too much though but loves the egg rolls! Critic A is not a big fan of the egg rolls, but he does like the chicken and fried rice. Critic D usually has 2 or 3 helpings of this because it is so good! I enjoy this dish but I never seem to make enough egg rolls, they are always gone in seconds.
All Over Rating: **** 
There are 3 different recipes for this meal.
Chicken Teriyaki
6 Boneless Chicken Breasts
4 tbsp. of Cooking Oil
Your Choice of Teriyaki Marinade
(I use Kikkoman's)
Step 1
Start by heating the Cooking Oil in a large frying pan. While the oil is
heating, Cut the Chicken Breasts into medium sized chunks (about 3 inches squared).
Step 2
Once the oil is hot add the chicken. Cook the chicken until slightly browned but
fully cooked.
Step 3
Add the Teriyaki Marinade to the pan, heat until bubbly.
Serves 4

Fried Rice
1 cup of cooked White Rice
2 tbsp. of Cooking Oil
1 cup of Frozen Peas
2 Eggs
½ cup of chopped Green Onions
2 tbsp. of Soy Sauce
1 package of Fried Rice Seasoning (see Spice Cabinet)
Step 1

Cook the Rice by following the directions on the package. In a wok or
Large sauce pan heat the oil. Once fully cooked add the rice to the oil. Fry while stirring
until rice starts to brown.
Step 2
Add the Fried Rice Seasoning, Green Onions, Soy Sauce and stir.
Move the rice over to one side of the pan. On the opposite side, crack open the eggs
into the pan and begin to scramble with a whisk.
Step 3
Once the eggs are cooked, mix into the rice mixture. Add in the
frozen peas, mix well and allow to cook a few more minutes. Remove from
Heat and serve.
Serves 4

Homemade Egg Rolls
1 pkg. of Egg Roll Wrappers
(these can usually be found in the veggie section at your local grocery store)
3 tbsp. of Soy Sauce
1 Lg. Can of Chop Suey Vegetables
1 cup of chopped Red Cabbage
1 Egg
2 cups of Cooking Oil
Step 1
Start by heating the oil in a medium sized pot. While the oil is heating
make your egg rolls.
Step 2
In a large mixing bowl mix together the cabbage and the chop suey vegetables.
Add in the soy sauce and mix well. Crack the egg into a small pastry dish and whisk.
Step 3
On a large plate or cutting board prepare your wraps. Peel the
wraps apart one at a time. Place one wrap on the plate/board. Place 1 spoonful of
the veggie mixture into the center of the wrap. Brush some of the egg onto all 4 corners
of the wrap. Next, pull the bottom corner over the veggies. Then pull the two side
corners over the center. Next, bring down the top corner and brush
with extra egg if necessary. (See diagram for more of a visual)
Makes 10 Egg Rolls
Serving Suggestion: Serve with Sweet & Sour Sauce

For Dessert I recommend buying some pre-made Fortune Cookies which you
can usually find in the Asian food isle in your local grocery store.


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